About J'Leen Crystal


J’Leen is a small family owned and operated company. We became designers and creators of some of the most beautiful and original crystal suncatchers and ornamentation in the world, using only the finest Austrian crystal available. Our exclusive, copyrighted pieces are available in a variety of retail stores throughout the country, or directly from us. We are the ONLY source of the original pieces featured on this web site.

Faceted lead-crystal has the unique ability to refract light into exquisite and energizing rainbows, and many of our creations weave light sources through hundreds of facets, inter-playing light and rainbows in the most delightful and whimsical ways. The sparkling and colorful interaction between light and crystal has an almost hypnotic effect, redirecting stress and bringing happy peaceful thoughts to the viewer. Within these pages are crystal products that will dazzle and bedazzle, and provide endless pleasure to their happy owners. Watch our site for regular specials.