Can I return an item?

We will take returns and exchanges on a case by case basis. If your item breaks, please let us know and we will see what we can do to fix the item for you. Many suncatchers and jewelry pieces can be repaired for little or no cost, and we will only charge you for new crystals and materials that were needed in the repair. If you are unhappy with your piece, let us know. We do accept returns on most items, as long as they are returned in good condition.

What is the size?

We list all of the crystal sizes in the product title and the crystal options list. If you haven’t worked with crystals or millimeters, than a 50mm Oval Drop may not mean anything to you. We generally list the long or larger dimension. So a 50mm Oval Drop is 50mm long. For crystal pieces, like the stars, it is a tip to tip measure, as if the crystal piece were placed in a circle that has a 50mm diameter.

The easiest way to grasp the size of a 50mm crystal is to pull out a physical ruler. It may seem a little “old school”, but it really helps, especially if it is a ruler with inches and mm. You can also find conversion charts on the internet that will give the inch equivalent for a specified number of mm. In our example, you could then see that 50mm is about 2 inches. You can estimate that one inch is about 25mm, therefore an 100mm piece would be about 4 inches long or in diameter.


mm to inch ruler


If your still not sure about what size of crystal you want then here are some general guidelines to help steer you in the right direction.

Will this piece create rainbows?

The better quality, the more facets, the larger the piece, the better the rainbows. A small 26mm leaf will create rainbows, but you may not see them often. Small pieces are great for jewelry, accents, or in small areas. If you are looking for something to hang in a window and spread rainbows throughout the room, then you will want something that is more the size of a 50mm prism or any of our sunclusters. We have had a small stream of sunlight hit a tray of sunclusters and send small rainbow dots throughout the room.

What makes you different from other crystal shops?

We purchase most of our materials directly from the manufacturer. So our Swarovski crystals are coming directly from Swarovski. Instead of purchasing our jewelry and suncatchers from other manufacturers we make and design our own. That means that we control the quality and we know what goes into each piece. We make our items with quality materials and quality workmanship, and we stand by them. We have very strict manufacturing standards. Many of the other online stores make items with lower quality crystal, lower quality materials, and less attention to detail. We work to create our own designs. We strive to be the one that others want to copy. Everyone deserves a quality crystal piece. J’Leen works hard to make sure that our crystal suncatchers are the quality you are looking for.

What is the difference between crystal qualities?

We have a variety of crystal and glass qualities. In our close-out items we have blown glass and Scholer Crystal. Our remaining crystal is all Swarovski Spectra and Strass Crystal.

Blown glass is glass without any additives or metallic components. It is still pretty and light weight, but it doesn’t not have the same refraction qualities that crystal does.

Scholer Crystal is a quality Austrian crystal. Due to the age of these pieces we do no know the exact quality of each item. These items may contain lead. Scholer Crystal is known for being a quality lead crystal and for their hand cut details. Many of our pyramids have slight variations due to the hand-cutting process.

Swarovski Spectra Crystal is an economical option for quality Austrian crystal. Swarovski Spectra Crystal was once Swarovski’s low lead option, containing about 20% lead. While older pieces may contain lead, the newer Swarovski Spectra crystal is lead-free. These will be lighter weight and have less refraction and life.

Swarovski Strass Crystal is known as one of the highest quality crystals. Some of the older crystals contain 32% lead. This is what gives them that sparkle and refraction that Swarovski is known for. The newer crystals have dropped the lead, but not the rainbow making effect. Swarovski now laser etches their Strass logo on every Strass crystal prism (except the beads). The logo is often found near the bail hole.

Does quality really matter?

One of the trends of our product testers is to wear our bracelets. Our Silver and Aurora Borealis Bracelet has survived every time (now it did need repair when it got dropped on a hard floor, but that is to be expected). So what hasn’t survived, that would be the cheap $5 competitor’s bracelet. With only two wearings and minimal tester attention (it isn’t as sparkly) the metallic gems started to fall off. Still easy to glue back on, but it is disappointing to have a new jewelry piece fall apart so quickly. So while it is fun to have lots of different choices and get more for your money, it can be so much better to invest in something that will last the test of time and five year olds.

What happens if one of our pieces does break unexpectedly, let us know. Sometimes a piece just fails, a ring falls off, the line breaks, whatever, we will gladly fix any broken piece and send it back to you. And what happens if your five year old knocks over the display stand or breaks a ring, we’ll still fix it. Most repairs like that we will only charge for parts and shipping, not time. We strive to keep our customers happy because we understand that they are spending extra money on the Swarovski and J’Leen quality.

What does crystal color do to the rainbow effect?

The sparkle and rainbows given off by a piece of crystal are tied more to the quality of the crystal than the color. It is true that a clear crystal or a clear crystal with a simple coating will give you the best rainbows. However, the colored crystals are not diminished much at all. A lightly colored crystal like Light Sapphire or Rosaline will have a very similar effect to the clear crystal. Your may notice that the coloring of the rainbow is slightly off. A medium colored crystal like Sapphire, Light Siam, or Antique Green will have a greater tinge to the rainbow color, but still give off lots of rainbows. The dark crystals like Emerald, Dark Sapphire, and Amethyst will have a definite change to the rainbow quality. As the light is limited by the dark crystal color the rainbows do become less and the coloring is more noticeably off. If you have a specially colored crystal or one with a heavier coating, then you will get diminished rainbows. We’re all about rainbows, so we don’t normally carry the specialty crystals.

Do you do custom jewelry or decorations?

Many of our new items come from customers look for something different, so please ask. We love to hear your ideas and always want to know about the different items that you are looking for.  Most of our jewelry is made when you order it. Custom orders or larger orders are possible, just let us know what you are looking for. Customs orders will take longer to ship, so please understand that you will need to give us additional time.

Do you sell in any physical stores?

While we do not have a physical store of our own, we do work with many wholesale customers that operate physical stores. If you are looking for a specific piece near you, we may be able to direct you to a physical store where you can see the piece for yourself.

If you have a store and would like to sell our merchandise, please call. We are always welcoming new wholesale customers and sales representatives.