Crystal hangline, crystal hang chains, ornament display stands, ornament hooks, key chains, and more.
  1. Crystal Hair Jewel

    From: $4.00
    A simple silver-colored snap barrette with a crystal strand and crystal prism. These barrettes are available in so many colors and shapes and are available in three different lengths.
    • Silver Colored Metal Snap Barrette
    • Handmade in the USA using Swarovski Strass Crystal
    • Available in a variety of prism shapes and colors
    • Available in a variety of lengths and prism sizes
    • Both Functional and Stylish Learn More
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    Crystal Heart Keyring

    Crystal Heart Keyring


    Regular Price: $16.00

    Special Price $12.00

    Clear Crystal Heart Keyring made with Swarovski Strass Crystal.
    • Gold-Plated or Brass Keychain
    • Handmade in USA
    • Made with Swarovski Crystal
    • Crystal beaded strand Learn More
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    Crystal Hang Chain

    Crystal Octagon Hang Chain


    Regular Price: $12.00

    Special Price $11.00

    Crystal Octagon Hang Chain.
    • Made with Swarovski Strass Crystal
    • Wonderful Decoration Accent
    • Quality Construction
    • Available in a Clear or Aurora Borealis
    • 5 inch and 7 inch Lengths Learn More
  4. Crystal Oval Drop Keyring

    Crystal Oval Drop Keyring.
    • Gold-Plated
    • Beaded strand
    • 28mm Crystal Oval Drop Accent Learn More
  5. Crystal Seashell Keyring

    Crystal Seashell Keyring.
    • Gold-Plated
    • Beaded strand
    • 28mm Crystal Seashell Accent Learn More
  6. Crystal Snowflake Keyring

    Crystal Snowflake Keyring.
    • Gold-Plated
    • Beaded strand
    • 30mm Crystal Snowflake Accent Learn More
  7. Crystal Starfish Keyring - Aurora Borealis

    Crystal Starfish Keyring.
    • Gold-Plated
    • Beaded strand
    • 28mm Crystal Starfish Accent Learn More
  8. Crystal Zipper Pull

    Beautiful crystal octagon zipper pulls in a variety of colors Learn More
  9. Daisy Mirror Magnet

    Daisy Mirror Magnet made with Swarovski Crystal.
    • 2 inch diameter mirror
    • Handmade design using Swarovski crystal gems
    • Two-tone colored design
    • Backed with heavy duty magnet
    • Great for brightening up a space and adding a splash of color Learn More
  10. Evergreen Mirror Magnet

    Beveled Round Mirror Decoration - Evergreen Crystal Design
    • Handmade in USA
    • Made with Swarovski Crystal
    • 2 inch Round Beveled Mirror
    • 3 Crystal Designs Learn More