We try to come up with new items, just to keep things interesting. Sometimes we think of items we want, and other times we get requests from customers. This batch, includes a little bit of everything. You can always see our current new items on the home page. You'll find the link right under our slideshow banner, just click on "New Products".

We love the mountains and our Colorado ties. So we are definitely excited to announce the Columbine Suncatcher. Its similar in size to our Suncluster and Snowflake. Its a beautiful piece and comes available in a variety of color options.

Next we have our lovely Crystal Bookmark. Enhance your reading time or brighten the day of your favorite bookworm with these elegant gold-plated bookmarks enhanced with Swarovski prisms and beads.

We've been dreaming about this last one for a while and with current beauty trends, this was the time. Check out our new Crystal Hair Jewels. These beautiful hair accessories are just as functional as the are beautiful.