We list all of the crystal sizes in the product title and the crystal options list. If you haven't worked with crystals or millimeters, than a 50mm Oval Drop may not mean anything to you. We generally list the long or larger dimension. So a 50mm Oval Drop is 50mm long. For crystal pieces, like the stars, it is a tip to tip measure, as if the crystal piece were placed in a circle that has a 50mm diameter.

The easiest way to grasp the size of a 50mm crystal is to pull out a physical ruler. It may seem a little "old school", but it really helps, especially if it is a ruler with inches and mm. You can also find conversion charts on the internet that will give the inch equivalent for a specified number of mm. In our example, you could then see that 50mm is about 2 inches. You can estimate that one inch is about 25mm, therefore an 100mm piece would be about 4 inches long or in diameter.


mm to inch ruler


If your still not sure about what size of crystal you want then here are some general guidelines to help steer you in the right direction.

  • 10mm to 20mm crystals are good for charms, small pendants, or earrings. These are tiny delicate pieces which are better for small area or up close use. These little crystals will get lost hanging in a window.
  • 20mm to 40mm crystals work well for necklace pendants, ornaments, and hanging in small windows or areas. Anything under 30mm may still get lost in a window and some 40mm crystals may be too heavy for a Christmas tree. 40mm crystals can make beautiful pendants, but they will have some weight to them, so they aren't for people with sensitive necks.
  • 40mm to 100mm crystals are great for hanging on a stand or in a window. These are large pieces that will throw rainbows across a room. They are likely to attract attention wherever they are.
  • Over 100mm crystals are show stoppers. There are signature pieces that should be displayed with love and care. If you want guests to say "Wow!" when they walk in a room, this is the size you are looking for.

If you still aren't sure what size of crystal you are looking for, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help.