We have a variety of crystal and glass qualities. In our close-out items we have blown glass and Scholer Crystal. Our remaining crystal is all Swarovski Spectra and Strass Crystal.

Blown glass is glass without any additives or metallic components. It is still pretty and light weight, but it doesn't not have the same refraction qualities that crystal does.

Scholer Crystal is a quality Austrian crystal. Due to the age of these pieces we do no know the exact quality of each item. These items may contain lead. Scholer Crystal is known for being a quality lead crystal and for their hand cut details. Many of our pyramids have slight variations due to the hand-cutting process.

Swarovski Spectra Crystal is an economical option for quality Austrian crystal. Swarovski Spectra Crystal was once Swarovski's low lead option, containing about 20% lead. While older pieces may contain lead, the newer Swarovski Spectra crystal is lead-free. These will be lighter weight and have less refraction and life.

Swarovski Strass Crystal is known as one of the highest quality crystals. Some of the older crystals contain 32% lead. This is what gives them that sparkle and refraction that Swarovski is known for. The newer crystals have dropped the lead, but not the rainbow making effect. Swarovski now laser etches their Strass logo on every Strass crystal prism (except the beads). The logo is often found near the bail hole.

Swarovski Strass Crystal Laser Etched Logo