On Sundays we get swarmed by young children who are attracted to shiny, sparkly items. It can be a lot of fun, but it can be nerve wracking when you are wearing jewelry that you don't want damaged. I like to think of them as product testers. These little product testers get mesmerized by Swarovski's new Growing Crystals. They have so much life and detail that we really can't blame them. So they get touched, caressed, and poked by tiny, uncareful hands. Yet with all that love, none of the tiny crystal cones has ever come off. When Swarovski makes something, they make it to stand the test of time.

One of the trends of our product testers is to wear our bracelets. Our Silver and Aurora Borealis Bracelet has survived every time (now it did need repair when it got dropped on a hard floor, but that is to be expected). So what hasn't survived, that would be the cheap $5 competitor's bracelet. With only two wearings and minimal tester attention (it isn't as sparkly) the metallic gems started to fall off. Still easy to glue back on, but it is disappointing to have a new jewelry piece fall apart so quickly. So while it is fun to have lots of different choices and get more for your money, it can be so much better to invest in something that will last the test of time and five year olds.

What happens if one of our pieces does break unexpectedly, let us know. Sometimes a piece just fails, a ring falls off, the line breaks, whatever, we will gladly fix any broken piece and send it back to you. And what happens if your five year old knocks over the display stand or breaks a ring, we'll still fix it. Most repairs like that we will only charge for parts and shipping, not time. We strive to keep our customers happy because we understand that they are spending extra money on the Swarovski and J'Leen quality.