We all dream of a chart that shows each prism and each color and the different rainbows they make. Maybe some day we will have that, this might help until then. We decorated three two small trees with an assortment of small crystal prisms. Each tree was placed about ten feet from an east facing window. The pictures were taken mid-morning.

Clear Crystal Octadrop Rainbows on a small Tree

This tree is decorated with 38mm Clear Crystal Octadrops. They provide a multi-colored rainbow in an elongated spear or diamond shape.

Aurora Borealis and Rosaline Spear Crystals on a small Tree

This tree is decorated in 40mm Aurora Borealis Crystal Spears and Rosaline Crystal Spears. The rainbow effect is much more pronounced and very linear. The spears are a great, economical way to get a full rainbow.

Light Siam Crystal Octagons on a small tree

This tree is decorated with 14mm Light Siam Octagon Crystals. The little octagons provide and easy effect and really pop. The octagon rainbow is a small dot and the bold red color is carried onto the wall. We've had trays of octagons cast polka dots across an entire wall from one little ray of sunshine.