Why Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski Quality and Pride

Every crystal manufacturer has their own unique process and set of materials for making crystal. In the past crystal manufacturers would add lead to the crystal to increase clarity and refraction. The higher amount of lead, the higher the quality of crystal. A high quality crystal would have over 30% lead content and a medium quality crystal would have 20% to 30% lead. In recent years manufacturers have researched crystal production to create a lead free crystal that has that has appearance of the leaded crystal. Today most quality crystals still have the high clarity and refraction, but are now lead free.

Austrain crystal has long been know for its high quality, high clarity, high refraction, and high polish. A quality crystal will have a high polish on all of the crystal surfaces giving it a glossy shine. Many lower quality crystals will polish the facet surfaces, but not the crystal edges. A quality manufacturer will be able to produce uniform crystals that are reliable in shape, weight, and finish. A low quality crystal will provide a refraction effect that is only slightly better than glass.

Some manufacturers, like Swarovski, will laser etch their crystals to provide a reliable identifying feature for the customer. Other ways to identify crystals are facet patterns and weight. A higher quality crystal will weigh more than a lower quality crystal, due to metal and mineral content. Each manufacturer tends to create their own specific facet design depending on the quality and desired effect. A Swarovski Strass crystal octagon will have more facets than a Swarovski Spectra crystal octagon or an Asfour crystal octagon. If you question your crystal quality, an internet search may not always tell you what brand it is, but it may be able to tell which brands it isn’t.

Swarovski’s Pioneering Spirit

“Taking crystal one step closer to the diamond!” Swarovski is always striving to perfect their cuts and techniques to bring out the most shine and sparkle in the crystal. We love their pioneering spirit to always go one step further and improve upon perfection.

From the beginning Swarovski has been very mindful of their effect on the environment. To this day they are environmentally and socially responsible, even to the point of striving for every more efficient use of water and better water conservation. So, it is only natural that Swarovski would hear the cries for safer lead free crystal. After years for trial and error, they developed their Advanced Crystal formula. Always looking for ways to pioneer new technologies while providing a safer, healthier environment.

“An explosion of translucent, rainbow0hued refracted light with an otherworldly feel that recalled the Northern Lights.” Because sometimes, super sparkly, optically clear crystal just isn’t enough. Its that Swarovski drive to do more, to be more, and to maximize the potential of every piece they create, and every possible use for those pieces.

We love the Swarovski pioneering spirit and all the beautiful things they create. All the quotes and images in this post are taken directly from Swarovski. Somethings just can’t be said any better.

Swarovski Community Investment

In the beginning Swarovski positioned their plants near a river to provide an endless supply of water for engery and manufacturing. Being dependent on that water for over 100 years they have grown to appreciate and value its importance to their business and the world around them. Water conservation and preservation has become an important part of Swarovski’s business philosophy and way of life.

Swarovski uses water in grinding and polishing the crystals, as well as generating power. 98% of the water used in grinding the crystals is recirculated into the production line. The water that is not recirculated into the system goes through a treatment plant before returning into nature. Every bit of water is watched and accounted for as they endeavor to minimize their water footprint on the planet.

But one company being responsible is not enough. So they created Waterschool to teach children the values of water and sanitation. Realizing that water-born illnesses are a siginificant factor in the lives and mortatilty of children in developing countries, Swarovski set out to make a difference in the smallest of lives. As they teach children the importance of bathing and washing hands, they work to provide the necessary resources to bring that clean water to the children. They have created a program and cycle that is improving the lives of children, bringing clean water to developing areas, and working to help people conserve water in their lives.

It is always a pleasure to work with a company that puts attention to detail and caring into everything they do. The quality of the company really does show in the quality of the product. If you would like more information about Swarovski’s Waterschool, you can check them out here. www.swarovskiwaterschool.com